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Как подготовить анал для глубокого введения

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  1. ИванИваныч

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    Давно приобрел игрушку длинной 45 см и хочу ввести ее полностью, не сразу но 30 см входит уверенно и очень необычно и приятно, полностью ввести не получается из за плохой очистки кишечника. Видимо клизма до определенной глубины очищает. Делал просто клизму водой. Ищу советы как сделать более качественную клизму или другие способы очистки кишечника для анальной мастурбации
  2. mstake

    mstake Странник

    Вот с этим осторожней. Совершенно не обязательно, что если игрушка 45 см, она должна вся войти. Вы учитывайте всё, если у вас к примеру висцеральный жир в животе в солидных количествах, то в животе тесно, и вы можете так доупражняться до того, что повредите себе какой-нить орган внутри.

    А что касается очень глубокой промывки, это очень зависит и от комплекции, и от питания... С большими игрушками не играю и ем мало, поэтому мне обычного промывания-двух хватает надолго, знаю по себе сколько мне нужно. Казусов небыло, ужасно их боюсь. Но раз вам этого для хорошего промывания мало, и русскую часть инета вы можете копать сами, я зашла на английскую сторону по запросу на первые пару ресурсов - один просто гейский, второй гей-фистинг и даже от гея легкого поведения экспертное мнение)))). Переводить некогда, приведу просто для вас в спойлере в оригинале, а вы можете перекинуть в гуглтран или ваш любимый переводчик и хоть примерно понять, о чем там речь. Может, что-нибудь новенькое для себя почерпнете, может еще и местные что-нибудь подскажут. Но я вас понимаю... любая простая промывка-промывкой, а в этой части тела всегда дикая неуверенность)))). Всю дорогу так и кажется, что подведет))).

    I am very experienced in taking cock in my ass since I am a gay anal escort. I have been fucked thousands and thousands of times over many years by more men than you would think. So I know what I am taking about as far as taking care of my asshole. My first advice to anyone into extreme use of their anus is to do it when you are sober and drug free. I repeat this advice at the end because I know it is correct. OK - I use a hose to clean out my anus to prepare it for fucking. It is one of those things that attach to a bathtub faucet/spout It is sold as a hair rinsing thing - it has a small hose (1/2 diam) about 5 feet long with a spray thing on one end - take the spray thing off and you have an outstanding hose to clean out your asshole. These are found in almost every general store. If you buy one, make sure your get the right size for your water spout. AND for the people newly into anal action can also be used to open and stretch our asshole 1. First clean the turds out by turning on the warm water to a low level so that water is gently flowing and put the end against your anus and let a little water flow in until you feel slightly full and then sit on the toilet and shoot the turds out - repeat this until you are empty. Practice makes perfect. NOW you can use this hose to really open up your asshole. 2. Turn the water temp up until it is as warm as you can take. not hot, just very warm. Test it out carefully. 3. stand up in your tub and take the hose with the water shooting out just about 1/2 inch or so and put it up against your asshole and gently tap it against the opening. 4. Your asshole will open a little, responding to the warm water and the stimulation. Put the end into your asshole a little and use it as a dildo, fucking yourself with the hose/water stream. Move the hose back and forth against the sides of your anal lips. They will respond by opening wider and wider. Keep working and keep the water as warm as possible. When the hose is new, the end will have straight edges that may cause a little pain - rub it against something that will "sand" and round down these edges so it is more comfortable. 5. This technique will also draw out turds deep inside - somehow it makes an anus spasm - do not shoot a lot of water deep inside - just keep dildo-ing yourself and you will see your anus open up nicely. But not into a huge monster hole in just one day. 6. You must do this a number of times to see progress. I do it to make my asshole loose to take cocks. I used to do it a lot to prepare my asshole for fisting sessions. Once it opens up, you can insert a medium dildo to wear around for a few hours per day to keep it stretched and loose. Move on to larger dildos as your anus gets bigger. MAKE SURE you do not rush this ass stretching. Many guys are in to much of a hurry - they get all sexed up and try to jam big dildos, etc. into themselves and tear the anus. Do not use drugs and stay sober. In the long run you will have a better time if you are sober and take your time.


    It's more about what you eat and when you eat.

    It's about knowing your body.

    If you eat stuff that makes you poo "solid" and you know when to eat, you won't have any problem, just when you go to the loo do it all, then don't eat anything till the sex date is over, this way I stayed clean with a black 11" cock pumping my ass for FOUR hours pretty recently (unbelievable).

    This is the best way to be clean and it really works.

    If instead you have eaten stuff that make your poo soft and your digestion is not finished, regardless the length of the cock, expect stuff coming.

    As long as you need to go to the loo once during the intercourse I think it's not a problem, the problem is when the stuff keeps coming all the time.

    Never do an enema, that's absolutely not hygienic and should be done only by a nurse with the proper tools and knowledge and for a very good reason.

    If you do an enema you will go on shitting brown water for hours and that's not really what you want to happen when you're in bed with you horse hung fella.

    Another solution is the anal douche that is not an enema, I recently bought one, it looks like an enema BUT IT'S NOT, you just pass water in your ass, the water just enters and exits immediately and while doing this it cleans up.

    You must sterilize it between each use.

    I strongly suggest not to use the plugs for the shower, it's definitely not hygienic and it's pretty dangerous, I just think to some places where I've been that when you turn the shower you get cold water, then immediately a rush of 100 degrees celsius water, it's up to you if you want to have 1st degree burns in your ass.

    Don't even think to use a douche found in a public place unless you are looking to catch some infection or STD, it looks obvious that you wouldn't do it but people still do it, for instance I've been for a while in Australia and I've discovered in gay saunas now have to provide "disposable" douches, you don't find the fixed one anymore.

    ...and I am really scared that it took a LAW to achieve this, it's just... shocking.

    Be aware that enemas and douches make the skin within your arse more absorbent so if the condom breaks it's more likely than usual that you would get infected i.e. by HIV.

    If you do an enema or an anal douche, and your digestion is not finished yet, and you have eaten something that makes your poo soft, you should expect some stuff coming anyway.

    P.S.: I LOVE tops who get fucked only sometimes, that's really my favourite type of partner if I have to be the top one! especially when they're much much taller than me, broad shoulders, tight hips, masculine, tight ass and big cock!


    I am a top too but I like to stay clean in case I want to get fucked or eaten
    I use a hose and I rinse until the water is clear plus I try to eat food that passes through
    take all the time you need to clean out.
    I usually rinse out every day or every other day
    only take as much water in as you can comfortably hold.
  3. ИванИваныч

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    Спасибо суть понял. Ожирением не страдаю =)
  4. slimass

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    Если уж так хочется ввести в себя глубоко, выше второго сфинктера, то есть довольно простой способ.
    В ванной набрать в попу воды, до ощущения наполнености. Смазать хорошенько игрушку, лучше силиконовыми смазками, нюхнуть попперсу и .... вуаля. Пытаться удержать воду во время введения, сильно не торопиться. Уверен, что практически с первого раза удастся очень сильно продвинуться вглубь.
    Но главное -- ничего не делать через силу и боль. Если больно - то лучше сменить игрушку на более тонкую и элестичную
  5. mstake

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    8oЧойта? наркотяк?
  6. Люшечка

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    mstake, типа))) я первый раз когда прочитала - пошла в инет копаться... усиливает секс-впечатления, если вкратце...но зависимости физической нет
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    Выпейте форт транс(для полного глубокого очищения кишечника)

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